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Contact nojhan about Geekscotes
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The nojhan server is down, and they repeatedly asserted not to have time for that.

Nasqueron maintains a PaaS able to host PHP applications.

Could we get feedback for Nojhan to host and maintain the strip-it software and to host the Geekscotes archive?

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dereckson created this task.Mon, Feb 25, 13:54
dereckson added subscribers: xcombelle, fauve.
dereckson claimed this task.Mon, Feb 25, 14:16

Mail sent 2019-02-25.

dereckson added a comment.EditedMon, Mar 18, 11:16

No reply from mail. Another way to contact Nojhan should be found, phone call?

They actually seem more active on Twitter.

Contacted on Twitter early afternoon.