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rubocop tommy.rb

Authored by dereckson on Jul 10 2016, 16:31.
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tommy.rb:1:1: C: Style/FrozenStringLiteralComment: Missing magic comment # frozen_string_literal: true.
# -------------------------------------------------------------
tommy.rb:55:3: C: Metrics/AbcSize: Assignment Branch Condition size for parse_project is too high. [25.81/15]
def self.parse_project(data) ...
tommy.rb:55:3: C: Metrics/MethodLength: Method has too many lines. [24/10]
def self.parse_project(data) ...
tommy.rb:77:7: C: Layout/EmptyLineAfterGuardClause: Add empty line after guard clause.
next if data[api_property].blank?
1 file inspected, 4 offenses detected

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