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Authored by dereckson on Aug 17 2016, 00:45.
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F49189: docker.json
Aug 17 2016, 00:45
"service": "DockerHub",
"project": "Acme",
"group": "docker",
"rawContent": {
"push_data": {
"pushed_at": 1471373693,
"images": [],
"tag": "latest",
"pusher": "nasqueron"
"callback_url": "",
"repository": {
"status": "Active",
"description": "",
"is_trusted": true,
"full_description": "Aphlict server for Phabricator\n==============================\n\nOne Aphlict server could serve one or several instances of Phabricator.\n\nRun directly on HTTP\n--------------------\n\n1. Pull the image: `docker pull nasqueron/aphlict`\n2. Run the container: `docker run -dt -p 22280:22280 -p 22281:22281 nasqueron/aphlict`\n3. Configure your Phabricator instance at http://phabricator.domain.tld/config/edit/notification.servers\n\nWhen you configure your instance, use the following template:\n\n```lang=json\n[\n {\n \"type\": \"client\",\n \"host\": \"aphlict.yourdomain.tld\",\n \"port\": 22280,\n \"protocol\": \"http\"\n },\n {\n \"type\": \"admin\",\n \"host\": \"aphlict.yourdomain.tld\",\n \"port\": 22281,\n \"protocol\": \"http\"\n }\n]\n```\n\nTLS termination\n---------------\n\nAdd a certificate to your container, replace the protocol\nhttp by https in Phabricator config.\n\nEdit /opt/phabricator/conf/aphlict/aphlict.custom.json in your\ncontainer, so ssl.key & ssl.cert certificates have the relevant paths.\n\nNote\n----\n\nYou can get the server log using `docker logs <your container name>`.\n\nTo check the status of the server,\nuse http://phabricator.domain.tld/config/cluster/notifications/\n",
"repo_url": "",
"owner": "nasqueron",
"is_official": false,
"is_private": false,
"name": "aphlict",
"namespace": "nasqueron",
"star_count": 0,
"comment_count": 0,
"date_created": 1436477799,
"dockerfile": "#\n# Nasqueron - Phabricator image\n#\n\nFROM node\nMAINTAINER Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson <>\n\nRUN cd /opt && \\\n git clone && \\\n git clone && \\\n cd phabricator/support/aphlict/server/ && \\\n npm install ws && \\\n groupadd -r app -g 433 && \\\n mkdir /home/app && \\\n useradd -u 431 -r -g app -d /home/app -s /sbin/nologin -c \"Docker image user for server\" app && \\\n touch /var/run/ /var/log/aphlict.log && \\\n chown app:app /home/app /var/run/ /var/log/aphlict.log\n\nCOPY aphlict.custom.json /opt/phabricator/conf/aphlict/\n\nEXPOSE 22280 22281\n\nWORKDIR /opt/phabricator/support/aphlict/server\nUSER app\nCMD [ \"node\", \"--max-old-space-size=256\", \"--\", \"aphlict_server.js\", \"--config=/opt/phabricator/conf/aphlict/aphlict.custom.json\" ]\n",
"repo_name": "nasqueron/aphlict"
"type": "push",
"text": "New image pushed to Docker Hub registry for nasqueron/aphlict by nasqueron",
"link": ""