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Install sbnc on Eglide
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Requested by missk.

Debian package: (removed after Jessie)

Doesn't exist as FreeBSD port, so best to add it Debian/Ubuntu only.

This requires a new Debian package to target Sid on armhf.

It could be according to an issue with OpenSSL 1.1

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dereckson added a project: Eglide.
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sbnc seems to have been removed from packages

dereckson triaged this task as Low priority.EditedJan 11 2017, 18:04

As missk installed it manually, this can wait a little bit we decide how to deal with such situation:

  • build a Debian package to target armhf (probably best)
  • provide instructions through Salt to compile manually the software
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Tested a build manually successfully with:

$ git clone
$ cd sBNC
$ cc *.c -o sbnc
$ sudo cp sbnc /usr/local/bin

To be tested, if working fine, I'll add something to the builder to clone and compile that.