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Migrate user content to a new domain
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Currently, we already use distinct top-level user domains for user content and application, to mitigate attacks.

But best practice is to use a specific domain for that restricted to this use. Usage tends to choose an explicitly name like

Plan is to migrate Phabricator instances raw/static content to this domain.

That means we need to edit the following container properties:

  • DevCentral
  • Zed Code
  • River Sector
  • Wolfplex

As hosted projects don't have such domain name either, an universal domain name like would be suitable for this use.

No application code should be served from it.

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dereckson claimed this task.Jan 25 2019, 19:41

Ordering domain name

Ordered at OVH. BC 101687018.

DNS delegation issues.

DNS delegation done.

DNS configuration 86400 IN CNAME 86400 IN CNAME 86400 IN CNAME 86400 IN CNAME 86400 IN CNAME

dereckson closed this task as Resolved.Jan 26 2019, 21:46