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Deploy correctly git-achievements
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There are 3 issues for git-achievements:

          ID: dotfiles_to_devserver_dereckson
    Function: file.recurse
        Name: /home/dereckson
      Result: False
     Comment: #### /home/dereckson/bin/git-achievements ####
              Source file salt://roles/devserver/userland-home/files/dereckson/bin/git-achievements?saltenv=base not found in saltenv 'base'
          ID: /home/dereckson/dev/dereckson/git-achievements
      Result: False
     Comment: No directory to create /home/dereckson/dev/dereckson/git-achievements in
     Started: 13:25:51.440986
    Duration: 2.803 ms
          ID: /home/dereckson/dev/dereckson/git-achievements
    Function: git.latest
      Result: False
     Comment: Failed to check remote refs: Unable to authenticate using identity file:

              The following identity file(s) were not found: /opt/salt/security/id_ed25519
     Started: 13:25:51.445683
    Duration: 9.33 ms

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The correct course of action is to:

  1. Clone

1.1 create the parent directory
1.2 ensure we've some way to access the repo (e.g. a deploy key, or clone through https as first, then manually edit the repo config to use SSH remote?)

  1. Symlink bin/git-achievements /path/to/git-achievements/git-achievements binary (not done)

2.1 remove roles/devserver/userland-home/files/dereckson/bin/git-achievements
2.2 Add a file.symlink block

[ This task isn't in my immediate radar. ]