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See how to host MaxChan eggdrop
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@MaxChan needs an eggdrop to be hosted, which consumes a lot of CPU and RAM.

If we host it, it should be on a separate server dedicated for heavier processing.

Max, could you elaborate a little bit what this bot do and what's the CPU/memory you would need?

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I've an 1.5G eggdrop by the way to handle notifications for open source projects on Freenode, and communicate with RabbitMQ, I use this configuration as code to setup it (and another more lite):

This is an interesting approach because we can have a reproductible build for the server.

oh .. so sorry ... can help for lite version ?

You apparently need a bigger version?

You can explain:

  1. What your eggdrop do?
  2. A description of the channels (their goal / topic) the bot protect
  3. The memory needed (I think 1.5 - 2 Gb)
  1. eggdrop to protact irc channel .. with running few tcl script
  2. the eggdrop will cycle the channel every 30 min to check spam
  3. i not sure how come the memory needed so bigger size .. can u help me ?