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Acquisitariat and Etherpad issue
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Validating the role paas-docker in EquaTower, I've noticed the following behavior:

  • the MySQL password is regenerated each time for the acquisitariat container, so the container is always redeployed
  • The Etherpad container needs so to be recreated, but that fails, as acquisitariat isn't ready
  • Other containers are fine
  • Destroy pad container and apply roles/paas-docker/containers/etherpad one or several times works and is equipolent.

This forbids the roles paas-docker to be equipolent. It somewhat also prioritizes the secrets management deployment.

Perhaps, to compare how Etherpad link is configured between other links could help.

By the way, links are deprecated, in favour of network (already used by Jenkins), to create a network like nasqueron_paas_zone_a (it would host PaaS facilities like the Phabricator instances, and some Nasqueron services like Auth Grove, Cachet) would solve the issue too.

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The option is the same for Etherpad and DevCentral:

import yaml

pillar = yaml.safe_load(open("pillar/paas/docker.sls"))
pillar['docker_containers']['equatower']['phabricator']['devcentral']['mysql_link'] == pillar['docker_containers']['equatower']['etherpad']['pad']['mysql_link']

All the quoted containers are priority candidates to be moved to Kubernetes cluster.