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Install PHP 7.4 extensions on Debian Bullseye
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The following extensions fail to be installed on Debian 11:

ID: languages_libs
Function: pkg.installed
Result: False
Comment: The following packages failed to install/update: php7.4-ctype, php7.4-dom, php7.4-mysqli, php7.4-pdo, php7.4-phar, php7.4-simplexml, php7.4-tokenizer, php7.4-xmlwriter

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Sandlayth created this task.

I've checked on Debian the current status of PHP 7.4 installed extensions with php -i:

php7.4-ctypeInstalled by default
php7.4-domInstalled by default
php7.4-mysqliInstalled by default
php7.4-pdoInstalled by default
php7.4-pharInstalled by default
php7.4-simplexmlInstalled by default
php7.4-tokenizerInstalled by default
php7.4-xmlwriterInstalled by default

So we've all we need.