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Sessions cleaning code hijack sessions from other sites sharing the table.
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Filed on Espace Win Bugzilla 2013-01-19 03:32 UTC.

Current query:

UPDATE sessions SET session_resource = <current resource> AND session_online = 0 WHERE <time condition>

Should be:

UPDATE sessions SET session_online = 0 WHERE session_resource = <current resource> AND <time condition>

Should be fixed in Pluton code too, Azhàr/Zed are ok, they still use the old code.

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2013-01-19 03:51:09 UTC comment:

Fixed on Pluton -

Fixed on Keruald (Bitbucket) -

Can't fix it on SourceForge: site is 500 for Mercurial stuff, old repo folder is empty on shell. Were a bad idea to migrate the project.