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Allow to run queries for reporting
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We can run queries for analytics or report purpose.

Could we create a service to store and run those queries easily?

What kind of service?

Wikimedia build Quarry,

It allows to freely query a safe replication of database without credentials or sensitive information

They're also switching to as a front-end to use those replica.

As we don't have data interesting to general public outside Nasqueron Databases,
we could only have a repository to store queries, and a service to run them publicly or through CLI on a devserver. Such service would only have access to SELECT right on the tables it needs.

Candidate databases servers

Those queries can be run:

  • on db-A cluster for PostgreSQL services
  • on db-B cluster for MySQL services using MariaDB 10
  • on acquisitariat for MySQL services using MySQL 8 on Docker PaaS


Output can be:


An example of query to include a report as a MediaWiki table:

DevCentral :: Phabricator revisions with token to mark them as AI-assisted
    CONCAT("{{D|",, "}}") as revision,
    DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(rev.dateCreated), '%Y-%m-%d') as `date`,
    CONCAT("{{Repo|", repositorySlug, "}}") as repository
FROM devcentral_differential.differential_revision rev
    LEFT JOIN devcentral_repository.repository repo ON repo.phid = rev.repositoryPHID
    LEFT JOIN devcentral_user.user ON user.phid = authorPHID
WHERE rev.phid IN (SELECT DISTINCT objectPHID FROM devcentral_token.token_given WHERE tokenPHID = "PHID-TOKN-emoji-3");

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As a minimum, to have somewhere (a reports repository?) where we can write those report queries could already be useful, so we don't lose them.

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