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Jenkins 7.2 agent container zenerre doesn't start
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After a restart of Docker-002 and every container,
The container of the 7.2 Jenkins agent is not starting anymore with this error :

> sudo docker start 5d5f8b1f4dbb                                                                                       
Error response from daemon: Address already in use
Error: failed to start containers: 5d5f8b1f4dbb

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DorianWinty created this task.

Apparently some Jenkins agents have static ip. But that ip can be taken by dynamic assignment of previously launched containers.

So I'd suggest to assign static IP adresses to all containers in a specific network, or none at all and rely to hostnames to configure agents.

dereckson renamed this task from Jenkins 7.2 agent container don't start to Jenkins 7.2 agent container zenerre doesn't start.Oct 12 2023, 23:37