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Install Kubernetes

Authored by dereckson on Sep 20 2020, 22:17.



Container runtime: CRI-O, requires libseccomp2 2.4+ from backports on Debian

The kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl executables should match the version of
Kubernetes. As such, the packages are marked on hold to avoid wild updates.

Ref T1622.

Test Plan

Tested on CloudHugger with salt-call --local state.apply

Diff Detail

rOPS Nasqueron Operations
Lint Passed
No Test Coverage
Build Status
Buildable 3636
Build 3885: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

dereckson created this revision.

Disable swap. Set systemd as cgroup manager.

Move apt-transport-https to core

Let's stop the scope of this change at "deploy everything we need to be able to initialize the cluster".

That means:

  • install a way to communicate with runc (cri-o)
  • install kubectl, kubelet and kubeadm
  • tweak kernel
  • disable swap

ie this diff, but without roles/paas-kubernetes/kubernetes/cluster.sls (currently committed) and roles/paas-kubernetes/kubernetes/files/kubeadm.yaml (partially committed, partially uncommitted).

Prune cluster configuration

Consolidate sysctl changes using sysctl.present

No plan for a Kubernetes cluster currently.