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ServPulse - Index (Wireframe)

Authored By
inidal, May 13 2023
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May 13 2023, 09:42
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May 13 2023, 09:24
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May 13 2023, 09:24
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May 13 2023, 07:22
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May 13 2023, 04:17

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inidal renamed this mock from Index page (Wireframe) to Status Page — Index (Wireframe).May 13 2023, 04:18
inidal added a project: ServPulse.
inidal renamed this mock from Status Page — Index (Wireframe) to Status Page - Index (Wireframe).May 13 2023, 04:53
Inline Comments

Good idea a count of incidents affecting the component, that's more informative that only "orange".

No orange for degraded state?

In M16#197, @dereckson wrote:

Nice to see it takes shape :)

Haha, the old way still works.

And about the degraded state's color. That one definitely made me pause and think for a minute. Since incidents doesn't mean that it's down, could be anything but still up. The idea behind was to show only when it's really not responding, meaning it's down. I couldn't decide, so I made that binary to not loose myself in details.

Any thoughts?

After some thinking, a ternary choice makes more sense after all.

inidal renamed this mock from Status Page - Index (Wireframe) to ServPulse - Index (Wireframe).May 14 2023, 08:50