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A PHP application source code has been updated, but all behaves like before.
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Asked by dereckson on Jan 24 2016, 07:45.



Tests fail on the CI server Jenkins, but works locally.

Configuration change doesn't seem to be taken in consideration.

It seems the old code is still executed.

I've switched to another Git branch, but I've the feeling the code executed is from the old branch.

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Cache must be invalidated, generally opcache, sometimes application one.


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You need to discard cached element.

Generally, OPCode and APCu are the usual suspects.

Sometimes, you need to look to memcached or redis, but they rarely contain the PHP code compile results.


Phabricator uses Opcache and APCu.



Generally, restart the web server (e.g. nginx) gives good results.


Laravel uses different caching strategies.

The bootstrap/ folder, and in a lesser extend, the storage/cache folder, could contains compiled code.

So, files to delete could be:

  • storage/framework/cache/*
  • bootstrap/cache/config.php if you edited the config (e.g. at D260, tests fail after D253 and D255 merge)
  • bootstrap/cache/services.php if you edited the service container

Don't forget any modification to composer.json is useless if composer update is not called.

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