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Fork phpmetrics to produce code quality data for Nasqueron PHP code
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Jeroen De Dauw made a confident case for a software called phpmetrics, especially the relation map.

The data produced by this software is a good complement to the current graphs.

There are a lot of frustrating elements:

  • NO version of the code (master branch, releases) work in HTTPS when the browser has a policy to refuse to load mixed content in HTTPS, 1.1 (composer default) as various resources are HTTPS 2.0.0 because there is a need to load a logo on a third party site
  • we want to be able to extract
  • the software is heavily branded with the author name, without any acknowledgement of the 35 contributors
  • the software has a lot of open pull requests, is not actively developed by a community, but must wait the author interest (yet, an organization has been created on GitHub, so there could be a move to create a community around this software)

In a nutshell, the situation is simple:

  • the data produced by PhpMetrics, and the relations map are awesome
  • we're interested by the visualizations and algo to use in Jenkins reports
  • we're not interested by the packaging UI
  • we want to be able to migrate to a more complete quality assurance solution for our PHP code base, with other visualization and data from other software
  • in v2, full namespaces names create too long label for the relations maps

Plan is:

  • fork the code
  • allow to host JS/CSS/etc. resources on a static site (for us, it will be published at rASSETS) or in a static local folder (2.0 does that)
  • allow to generate reports without the invasive 2.0 UI, or only one of the report
  • contribute pull requests to upstream with these improvements
  • create a modular wrapper allowing to use this and other code quality stuff
  • credit on Jenkins reports something like ''This report contains code analysis based on PhpMetrics, written by Jean-François Lépine.''

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Speaking about credit, the relations diagram author is Mike Bostock.

upstream When v2 is finished, add in README or report UI a credit page with the following credit could be cool:

This relations chart is uses the Danny Holten's hierarchical edge bundling. Implemented for D3.js by Mike Bostock, with the help of Jason Davies

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