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Create an account to run Docker deployment scripts needing a comprehensive development environment
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Dwellers is currently required to be a minimal installation, with Fedora as upstream, offering a nginx front-end server, a journalctl view, GearD, Docker and OpenShift.

This doesn't allow to run comprehensive stuff: PHP isn't installed, arc from Phabricator either.

We could package these tools in a container, but requiring the container mechanism to be operational to trigger server reinstallation and Docker redeployment isn't optimal.

So we'll create a an account on Ysul to run the parts needing arc or something else fancier than pure simple shell script.

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  • Account name: Zemke-Rhyne (zr)
  • Git repository with account files: rZR

Key to access to zr@ysul.nasqueron.drake installed on Dwellers.

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