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New Salt deployment hierarchy
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Previously, we used the two following folders to provision Salt:

  • /opt/nasqueron-operations for rOPS
  • /opt/staging for rSTAGING

Now, on Ysul, we also want to let the capability to users to deploy their private stuff too through Salt. By private stuff, we don't consider credentials (they should not be stored directly in Salt) but some cases have been identified:

  • archives of resources with collective ownership, not fully available in open source license
  • resources with privacy issue
  • private backup

As such the hierarchy is reorganized like this:

rOPSPublicSalt states/opt/salt/nasqueron-operations
rSTAGINGPublicFiles to deploy/opt/salt/staging
rPRIVOPSPrivateSalt states/opt//salt/private/operations
rPRIVSTAGINGPrivateFiles to deploy/opt/salt/private/staging

The goal is to allow to replace "/opt" by /opt/salt" and to keep the staging/ops paths.

It's by the way acceptable to ask to add a submodule in rPRIVSTAGING but to declare the Salt states in rOPS, or to redeploy through rPRIVOPS a resource in rSTAGING.

The private repositories are NOT available to the Salt master, only in /usr/local/etc/salt/minion to be used with salt-call.

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