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Check Salt highstate against Ysul
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We never applied the core/ part to Ysul.

Ensure that works well.

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dereckson created this task.Oct 20 2017, 12:14

Core is now correctly applied.

Next, we want a devserver role installing the same base software than on Eglide userland + the software we need only on Ysul.

List of issues

  • Packages not existing on FreeBSD:
    • tcsh (installed by base OS)
    • arcanist
    • dev_popular_libs (this one is probably a typo somewhere)
    • verbiste
    • letsencrypt
  • there are some care to avoid to pull the GUI emacs, but something else pull X libraries
dereckson closed this task as Resolved.Nov 7 2017, 01:23

State applies correctly.