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Create home directories as zfs filesystems
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Currently, we've a arcology/usr/home filesystem.

To provision user directories, we can create as man filesystems as users.

That will allow to offer zfs control to users:

  • allow the use of zfs send or zfs receive for backups purpose
  • allow custom snapshots
  • allow clones

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$ zfs allow -s @local allow,clone,create,diff,hold,mount,promote,receive,release,rollback,snapshot,send arcology/usr/home
$ zfs allow -s @descendent allow,clone,create,diff,destroy,hold,mount,promote,receive,release,rename,rollback,snapshot,send arcology/usr/home
Create user dataset
$ zfs create arcology/usr/home/spike
$ zfs allow -lu spike @local arcology/usr/home/spike
$ zfs allow -du spike @descendent arcology/usr/home/spike

zfs allow isn't currently available in salt.states.zfs, and it's not really a problem to run again the permission command, so probably a with require state to the ZFS create dataset operation.

Migrating existing home directories