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Set C.UTF-8 as default locale
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MediaWiki now expects or at least suggests to use C.UTF-8 as locale.

The "C.UTF-8" locale should be used for $wgShellLocale, if available, to avoid unexpected behavior when code uses locale-sensitive string comparisons. For example, the Scribunto extension considers "bar" < "Foo" in most locales since it ignores case.

This requires two configuration changes:

  • one for the mediawiki shell account in rOPS, to use C.UTF-8 instead of the default one (en_US.UTF-8 perhaps?)
  • one for rSAASMW to set wgShellLocale at C.UTF-8

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The last one is perhaps not needed:

$ mw shell agora
Psy Shell v0.8.11 (PHP 7.2.4 — cli) by Justin Hileman
>>> $wgShellLocale
=> "C.UTF-8"