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Install Salt on Warg
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salt-minion has to be installed on Warg for provisionning

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EPEL, Python, salt-minion and deps installed.

$ rpm -Uvh

$ yum install salt-minion
Package                                                 Arch                       Version                                  Repository                   Size
 salt-minion                                             noarch                     2014.7.0-3.el6                           epel                         23 k
Installing for dependencies:
 PyYAML                                                  x86_64                     3.10-3.1.el6                             updates                     157 k
 libyaml                                                 x86_64                     0.1.6-1.el6                              epel                         52 k
 m2crypto                                                x86_64                     0.20.2-9.el6                             base                        471 k
 openpgm                                                 x86_64                     5.1.118-3.el6                            epel                        165 k
 pciutils                                                x86_64                     3.1.10-4.el6                             base                         85 k
 pciutils-libs                                           x86_64                     3.1.10-4.el6                             base                         34 k
 python-babel                                            noarch                     0.9.4-5.1.el6                            base                        1.4 M
 python-backports                                        x86_64                     1.0-3.el6.centos                         extras                      5.3 k
 python-backports-ssl_match_hostname                     noarch                                extras                       13 k
 python-chardet                                          noarch                     2.0.1-1.el6.centos                       extras                      225 k
 python-crypto                                           x86_64                     2.0.1-22.el6                             base                        159 k
 python-jinja2                                           x86_64                     2.2.1-2.el6_5                            base                        466 k
 python-msgpack                                          x86_64                     0.1.13-3.el6                             epel                         29 k
 python-ordereddict                                      noarch                     1.1-2.el6.centos                         extras                      7.7 k
 python-requests                                         noarch                     1.1.0-4.el6.centos                       extras                       71 k
 python-six                                              noarch                     1.7.3-1.el6.centos                       extras                       27 k
 python-urllib3                                          noarch                     1.5-7.el6.centos                         extras                       41 k
 python-zmq                                              x86_64                     14.3.1-1.el6                             epel                        467 k
 salt                                                    noarch                     2014.7.0-3.el6                           epel                        3.7 M
 sshpass                                                 x86_64                     1.05-1.el6                               epel                         19 k
 yum-utils                                               noarch                     1.1.30-30.el6                            base                        110 k
 zeromq3                                                 x86_64                     3.2.4-1.el6                              epel                        334 k
Updating for dependencies:
 yum                                                     noarch                     3.2.29-60.el6.centos                     base                        1.0 M

Transaction Summary
Install      23 Package(s)
Upgrade       1 Package(s)