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Static events for database
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This task has been imported from Espace Win Bugzilla.

Original issue

Database::$cantConnectToHostEvents would be interesting as static events binds.

A case to consider is:

PDODatabase extends Database {
    public function __construct (...) ... {
        //Fires CantConnectToHost event

Should we only read PDODatabase::$cantConnectToHostEvents or also Database::$cantConnectToHostEvents?

Notes 2022-03-19

  • Not sure if in our implemenetation it should stay static
  • If Obsidian has a working PDO code, should be integrated into keruald/database package
  • A keruald/events package could be interesting to solve those issues
  • Keruald/database could detect keruald/events and fire events when needed