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What require package Trf?
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21:33:44 <Daeghrefn> [DEBUG] can't find package Trf
21:33:44 <Daeghrefn> while executing
21:33:44 <Daeghrefn> "package require Trf"

Issue is when I try "package require ..." with the ones we use, http rest json json::write udp base64 sha1 md5, it loads correctly.

By the way, we don't have a package udp (but we don't run anymore the UDP server on MediaWiki for recent changes, I think it has been removed some years ago).

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Regardless of this, tcl-Trf will now be provided by D2666.

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Found it.

The Trf page on the wiki notes tcllib uses it.

ViperServ source code

Search on package require
45:package require base64
46:package require sha1

145:    package require base64

Our code uses base64 and sha1 tcllib modules.


In tcllib, it tries to use Trf, and if not, tries an alternative.

That's why code worked but we've the caught exception.

Search on package require Trf
74:            if {![catch {package require Trf}]} {

14:    catch {package require Trf}

516:            if {![catch {package require Trf}]} {

44:if {![catch {package require Trf 2.0}]} {