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Unknown domains are currently served by windriver server vhost
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The expected workflow is:

  • serve a 404/unknown domain error through a server block declared in 000-fallback.conf
  • serve, localhost,,, all the IPs through a server block declared in 001-server.conf
  • serve named subdomains in other server blocks

It currently seems unknown domains are served by 001-server.conf, we should check 000-fallback server block has priority.

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dereckson triaged this task as High priority.Mar 8 2024, 00:20
dereckson created this task.

000-fallback.conf exists on WindRiver but as an empty file, so without any server block

Currently, the responsibility seems to be to the nginx unit in the main webserver role, not on webserver-core:

  • webserver-core provides nginx.conf with reference to 000-fallback and 001-server but doesn't provision them
  • webserver-alkane used by windriver DOES NOT provision them either
  • paas-docker provisions them, see roles/paas-docker/nginx/files/vhosts/base/ folder
  • shellserver provisions them also, see roles/shellserver/web-hosting/files/eglide/nginx/vhosts/ folder

More coherent solution would be to add them to webserver-alkane too.

dereckson lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Thu, Mar 28, 23:42

Decreasing priority as we tested a page successfully on WindRiver.