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Create a Sandstorm instance on Dwellers
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16:50:50 < xcombelle> je viens de découvrir
16:50:56 < xcombelle> ca l'air cool

I suggest the following plan:

  • Host our instance
  • Test it
  • Keep it if at least being uses it

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I'm building a container image from the Dockerfile shipped in the official repository.

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@xcombelle do we still have an interest for Sandstorm?

We've currently a good small IaaS with Docker, Jenkins and are building a suite of tests to check our applications behave correctly from an operations point of view (see D62 for example).

That goes in a rather different direction than Sandstorm, who mainly seem to promote end-user apps for users not willing to setup complex IaaS systems.

They even offer a community hosting facility to complements self-hosting: to allow

I'm not sure at all that Sandstorm fit well with nasqueron way of thinking

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