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Install csslint, jshint and jscs on Ysul
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To improve the efficiency of arc lint, we need to make available the following software:

dereckson triaged this task as High priority.Nov 14 2015, 17:47

This task has been identified as suitable for the December product backlog for infrastructure. It's included in our product backlog and will be discussed for inclusion to sprint backlog this E3 meeting.

Done for csslint, jshint, jscs still to do.

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Migration from jscs to eslint

jscs has been merged with eslint, see and and

Node packages

Package nameBinary symbolic linkActual binary in node libraries

Current list of Node packages globally installed on Ysul

$ npm list -g --depth 0                                                                                          (git)-[production]
load: 0.73  cmd: node 86350 [running] 10.04r 7.52u 1.67s 40% 126140k
├── bower@1.8.2
├── browserify@14.5.0
├── cli-countdown@1.0.0
├── csslint@1.0.5
├── eslint@5.5.0
├── grunt@1.0.1
├── gulp@3.9.1
├── jscs@3.0.7
├── jshint@2.9.6
├── jsonlint@1.6.2
├── npm@6.4.0
└── react-tools@0.13.3

The currently installed list is already automated through 690ca84c957b7 (and the current test), so we've only to saltize the new list.

cli-countdown isn't documented, but apparently not in use, so it can be safely ignored.