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Add TrustSpace repos to notifications center
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I created an organization "TrustSpace" GitHub to host legacy resources which belongs to this TrustSpace project.

We should add it to the notifications center.

IRC Serve notifications to #wolfplex and #nasqueron-ops.

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GitHub → Notifications center

[22:01:59] <TrustSpace/orgz> « Encourage flow. » — GitHub Webhooks ping zen aphorism.

dereckson lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Jun 4 2016, 01:25

Notifications are set up for DevCentral and GitHub, to #wolfplex only as we don't support multichannel currently, and we don't currently monitor TrustSpace as operations level.

We're now blocked on Notifications center development to allow to fire a call to DevCentral diffusion.looksoon when a commt reaches GitHub.

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With Let's Encrypt, we don't really need TrustSpace anymore.

A no-nonsense, automated CA has proven a better model than create a community-driven, manual CA.