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I removed an entry from Ysul defining with a proxy_pass rule to (sic).

My best guess is this has been done during the hsbxl talk on Matrix, as I used a chromebook without /etc/hosts editing capability to fix DNS.

If someone wants to play with just pop a Docker image on Dwellers. If not, we can remove DNS entry.

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dereckson created this task.EditedJun 4 2016, 01:40

Still actively developed, as shown on and a GSoC participation.

DNS entry should be removed per T536 close as WONTFIX.

dereckson claimed this task.Oct 15 2017, 12:09
dereckson closed this task as Resolved.

Not interest among Nasqueron dwellers those last two years.

DNS entry removed, new zone published at P263.

dereckson added a subscriber: amj.Sep 23 2018, 12:43

@amj is actually interested by Matrix and have used client part on Eglide.