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Add a call for action button to the Docker images workboard on the site
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Jul 27 2016, 15:47
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Dec 30 2023, 19:35
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Dec 30 2023, 19:29
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There is currently in the footer a lost link to the workboard.

But the link must be in the contribute section, so we can answer "what can I do to contribute?".

Links should point to

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basakankit added a subscriber: basakankit.

Can I take up this issue. Reading the above I understand that that we have to create a button using html/CSS which will point to the link But at which place exactly the button will be kept? This is the first time I am contributing to open source. If am wrong please correct me. Also can you please point out the recources required for the task.


Sure :)

The source code is on rDOCKERWWW repository.

I think the relevant file is directly index.html

It matches

Sorry for late response;
I am getting the attached error when I am running arc diff followed by arc diff --trace.
Can't figure out if I should use git push or something else, I am referencing I have searched on google but can't find the solution.
Please guide me.

Screenshot 2023-12-31 005226.png (244×1 px, 51 KB)

basakankit attached a referenced file: Unknown Object (File). (Show Details)Dec 30 2023, 19:29

Hello :)

Thanks for the contribution.

It called your editor (vim, nano for example), and that one failed.

According to the trace, the editor was needed to prepare the diff revision message.

What you've defined as EDITOR environment variable? According the paths you're on Windows so I guess you don't have one.

Try this from a cmd.exe console:

setx EDITOR notepad

Or if you use any kind of console with a shell like bash or zsh:

export EDITOR=notepad

It should then try to run notepad when you need an editor.

Thanks it worked.
Is it alright? or does it need corrections?

I have made the correction and made the button size, same as the the other button "Report an issue". or is a bigger size required

Good idea to have chosen the same size, that will give a more coherent look.

Code change merged, thanks for the task :)

Also I've created D3256 to bump the website date if you wish to review it.