Ysul incident

A short but severe incident occurred on Ysul this 2015-08-02, preventing connectivity and services availability.

Update 2015-08-02 9:13 UTC

Incident solved, all systems are now operational. We closely monitor the situation.

Update 2015-08-02 8:59 UTC

We reboot the server to free all network tables and restore outgoing network connectivity.

Update 2015-08-02 8:47 UTC

Ysul is up, web servers are up.

We still have some networking related issues for local users. For example, it is currently not possible to run tmux.


Ysul currently doesn't answer on the network.

We're solving the issue.

More information could be found at T520.

Some services could also have outgoing networking issue.

Written by dereckson on Aug 2 2015, 07:58.
Nasqueron founder

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