Forum upgrade

Maintenance task

We'll upgrade our forum container.

A backup has been realized at 2015-11-18 17:15:42 UTC.

A 10-30 minutes downtime window is to expect at 18:00 UTC.

Other services won't be impacted by this upgrade.

Operations log

[17:50] Newest Docker image isn't pushed on Docker registry, we're building it ourselves. Dwellers is in heavy load, upgrade will be later than 18:00 UTC.

[17:51] Nov 18 18:51:33 dwellers.nasqueron.org kernel: XFS: possible memory allocation deadlock in kmem_alloc (mode:0x250)

[18:00] Test image ok

[20:06] Still building the final image

[21:13] Image built as 5a4f0c75fbe7 - 'Successfully built 5a4f0c75fbe7'. We start the migration.

[21:29] Migration done. Nov 18 22:29:45 dwellers.nasqueron.org systemd[1]: Started docker container d494c840193c53ae0c67a26ec450fea79ad96cc1ab3e5db30c731bb640cb84aa.

maintenance task is done.

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