Issues related to the Dwellers Docker engine

We're reconfiguring our Docker engine to comply with T553. Lastly, we experienced some instability with Docker volumes on Dwellers.

Status update: 2015-11-29 9:24

T553 done.

Core services has been relaunched. Our production environment unit test suite pass. We monitor the situation to check everything is fine.

Status update: 2015-11-28 16:32

  • All production services are working
  • Some volumes were unmonted, we've recycled theses containers (wolfphab) or manually reprovisionned them (devcentral)
  • We stopped pre-production containers (white-rabbit, cachet)
  • The lxc-based mail services aren't impacted
Written by dereckson on Nov 30 2015, 05:23.
Nasqueron founder

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