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Looks Like

This set of tasks are too deep into the cryptosphere to be retrieved.

Analytics told us there is a rather high probability this task is related to:

  • Ysul or Dwellers servers installation (especially migration tasks from the former server Grip)
  • * stuff

The following tasks are assumed to be crypt spawns: T114 T122 T135 T364

Event Timeline

dereckson renamed this project from to Crypt.
dereckson changed the join policy from "All Users" to "No One".
dereckson set this project's icon to fa-umbrella.
dereckson set this project's color to Grey.
dereckson added a member: dereckson.
dereckson set this project's image to F11: profile-project.png.
dereckson updated this project's image from F11: profile-project.png to F13: profile-project.png.
dereckson set this project's color to Checkered.Nov 12 2014, 18:42
dereckson changed the visibility from "All Users" to "Public (No Login Required)".Nov 13 2014, 12:25