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Increase Twitter message characters limit
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The TCL Twitter client code wrote during the last update to compute the amount of characters use the Twitter API to determine the maximal, but cache the value.

We need to document the process to update the value somewhere in the documentation (and do it).

Twitter documentation refresh

When this bug was initially filed, Twitter documentation wasn't clear. offers a len of 280. Let's call the unit of this count twitter-point.

ASCII1 twitter-point
Emoji2 twitter-points

We can test code against

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So, I thought the code to handle this situation has been introduced in 8d5a1eb3aed075049, but it's only the size of the links.

We need to check if Twitter now publishes the information in API, and if not, decide if we store it in the registry or hardcode it.

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Currently, Twitter doesn't authorize API to use > 140.

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[ If someone wants to discover TCL, I can peer/help on that one. ]

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Features developed for #wikipedia-fr channel aren't used anymore, so we won't fix those currently.