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Migrate tests to PHPUnit 6/7
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PHPUnit classes are now in namespaces

The migration is generally a straightforward class replacement (they are now sorted in namespace):

$ find . -type f -name '*.php' | xargs -n 1 gsed -i 's@PHPUnitFrameworkTestCase@PHPUnit\\Framework\\TestCase@g';

Global state

But for the notifications center, we could need to check the global state:

Global State
Starting with PHPUnit 6, the global and super-global variables are no longer backed up before and restored after each test by default. In general, this functionality is not required for clean, modern, object-oriented PHP code. This functionality slows down the execution of the test suite and increases memory usage.
Simply use the --globals-backup commandline option or set backupGlobals="true" in your XML configuration file to enable the backup of global and super-global variables before each test and their restoring after each test.


Furthermore, the best practice to test exceptions has been shifted from @expectedException annotations to expectEception() method.


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