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Upgrade Laravel framework
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The version of Laravel used, 5.2, contains offers security isses.

None of those issues touch our code (they touch sites using remember me token, cookie serialization, encrypter).

2022-06: we're now using Laravel 8

BUT The important matter is the fixes weren't backported to 5.2, now unsupported, as not a LTS version.

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dereckson created this task.

5.4 migration is done for the running source code, but tests require to cope with the undocumented internal framework mechanisms changes for events.

DorianWinty added a project: Restricted Project.Sat, Jun 4, 21:26

For now, Laravel 8 :

  • bug support is until July 26, 2022
  • security fix is until January 24, 2023

We will upgrade soon to 9.x