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Reprovision Dwellers through Salt
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According the changelog, 2019-11-27 entry says "07:13 dereckson: Disk drives look corrupted. Attach a new 1 To drive to the machine. Install a clean CentOS 7 on this drive to recover data."

Per T1592, we're now on CentOS 8, and as Dwellers is the Docker development and staging server, we're going to use CentOS 8 stream.

Server has been reprovisionned, there is still to apply highstate, and review pending Dwellers Maniphest tasks.

Errors to fix

  • nginx - install nginx instead of only configure it?
  • nginx - provide base nginx.conf
  • nginx - provide roles/paas-docker/nginx/files/vhosts/notifications.conf
  • nginx - provide roles/paas-docker/nginx/files/vhosts/bugzilla.conf
  • nginx - provide 502 on fallback while we're done?
  • nginx - use wildcard certificates for fallback?
  • nginx - modernize ciphers per [ this mozssl configuration]
  • TLS - crontab with certbot renew --post-hook "nginx -t && nginx -s reload" (but see Sandlayth code, it's more complicated)

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We'll revisit this after Kubernetes cluster is ready, as that will drastically change the scope of Dwellers (development and build server for Docker images).

dereckson added a subscriber: DorianWinty.

Vhosts part done (thanks @DorianWinty)