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Equatower allowed to test a correct production configuration for Docker containers fully managed by Salt.

Plan is to create a cattle docker-001. server to replace equatower and validate roles/paas-docker/ doing that.

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dereckson triaged this task as High priority.Sep 23 2020, 21:00
dereckson created this task.

Machine migration done with this workflow:

  • New VM created on Dreadnought, with as IP address
  • Wharf volume group and vmdk disk moved from equatower to docker-001
  • Salt roles core and paas-docker applied
  • /var/lib/docker folder migrated too

Phabricator config explicitly contained a reference to Equatower, it's now


dereckson mentioned this in Unknown Object (Maniphest Task).Sep 24 2020, 01:56

All tasks seem done, as we've docker-001 running for more than one year without any issue.