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Improve inclusive terminology
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An "Academic Survey on Discriminatory Language in Software" from Matthew Norflus, Department of Computer Science, Florida State University invited contributors of psysh, a REPL shell for PHP to answer a survey about potentially discriminatory language terms.

An interesting collection of terms encountered in softwares have been offered in the survey:

  • Whitelist/Blacklist alternatives (Allowlist/Blocklist, etc.)
  • Master/Slave alternatives (Leader/Follower, etc.)
  • Grandfathered alternatives (Legacy status, etc.)
  • Gender neutral nouns (folks, etc.)
  • Gender neutral pronouns (they, ze, etc.)
  • Sanity check alternatives (coherency check, etc.)
  • Man hours alternatives (work hours, etc.)
  • Dummy value alternatives (placeholder value, etc.)

Could we avoid those terms in our software as a part of our commitment for openness and non discriminatory stance?