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Ensure Notifications Center CI jobs run smoothly in PHP 8.1
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rNOTIF is being upgraded to run under PHP 8.1 and recent Laravel version.

As such, CI should cope with those modernized tools.

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phpDox isn't currently compatible with PHP 8.1. Deprecations are transformed into fatal errors, even if at the start an error_reporting() instruction is left.

As a workaround, here phpDox 0.12.0-27-geb943cb-dirty, with PHP 8.1 deprecation notices for signatures mismatch addressed.

Some have been reported upstream, but as the phpDox dependencies inherit PHP builtin classes to override signatures, e.g. transforming a string|bool into a string, throwing an exception instead of returning false, perhaps upstream will adopt another approach than use false signatures.

It has been manually deployed on WindRiver and Zateki (Jenkins agent for CI, PHP 8 flavour).