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Arcanist wrapper doesn't support | arc paste
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The use of arc paste doesn't play nice with Docker:

$ docker version | arc paste --title "Dwellers :: docker version" --
 DONE  Created a new paste.
tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified
  *   P334 Dwellers…

$ docker version | arc paste --title "Dwellers :: docker version"
 USAGE  "arc" is being run noninteractively, but the argument list is missing "--" to indicate end of flags.
 USAGE  When running noninteractively, you MUST provide "--" to all commands (even if they take no arguments).
 USAGE  Learn More: <>
 USAGE EXCEPTION  Missing required "--" in argument list.

We've already encountered that problem with arc call-conduit.
We use a terminal kludge to play nice with Docker:

if [ "$1" = "call-conduit" ]; then
    # Enable log printing
    # Set a random name for the container
    INSTANCE="arc-"$(openssl rand -hex 21)
    FLAGS="-i -a=stdin --name=$INSTANCE"


docker run $FLAGS --user $UID:$GID -v ~/.arc:/opt/config -v "$PWD:/opt/workspace" $VOLUME_SSH $IMAGE $COMMAND "$@" > /dev/null
sleep 3
docker logs "$INSTANCE"
docker rm "$INSTANCE" >/dev/null

Probably need it for arc paste -- too.

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