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Create a Vim default system configuration on Ysul
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We could provide a default system configuration for Vim offering an editor with reasonnable assumptions about what the regular user wants:

  • some syntaxic highlighting
  • arrows, home, end, enter, backspace working like an usual editor

If these assumptions are rejected by vim users, we should also provide a command to generate a ~/.vimrc according some templates.

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We've a first draft, with the following points still to check:


  • CTRL + left/right behavior to check

Spell checker

  • Disable by default spellchecker
  • See how we can enable the spellchecker (README .txt files?), and if a decision could be taken from the environment to guess language.
  • Document how to add a word in custom dictionnary


  • Document how autocompletion work


  • Lines numbers are cool, ugly yellow aren't
  • Start with a blank screen instead of the welcome VIM - Vi IMproved screen

Autocomplete’s man has to be created. Otherwise, all is ready.

Difficulties I noticed with vim: tried to copy/paste (mouse middle button) the script found at
after pressing the "a" key ("append") to switch to edit mode. Console froze for a dozen seconds and issued garbage. I managed to close vim and return to a working prompt.

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