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.+prenom/.+nom: check if item already exists
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  • will avoid duplicates
  • will be a nice productivity tool (it's complicated to sort through them)

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dereckson renamed this task from Check if item doesn't already exist to .+prenom/.+nom: check if item already exists.Jun 30 2016, 12:29
dereckson created this task.
dereckson added a project: Wikimedia.
dachary removed dachary as the assignee of this task.Jul 3 2016, 21:28

I got distracted, won't work on it after all.

[ This task isn't in my immediate radar. ]

dereckson claimed this task.
dereckson closed subtask T900: Allow SPARQL search as Wontfix.

Wikidata features aren't used anymore, so we won't fix those currently.