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Jul 12 2015, 18:37


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We are Nasqueron introducers

The rCORE repository will contain proclamation of Nasqueron memberships and any public credentials like PGP keys or SSH keys.

Any commit in rCORE must be approved by another Nasqueron inhabitant who reached the commit author to verify the content legitimity.

Currently, there is noone which such right, as for that, this person must have submitted its own commit before in rCORE.

The ''We are Nasqueron introducers'' group contains any being who:

  • have an account on Nasqueron DevCentral
  • have committed, approved a commit, did an operations tasks, participated to a Nasqueron project or wrote a message in the Nasqueron forum
  • have been in contact with another introducer in the last 45 days

These beings are allowed to push commits into rCORE.

These beings have been identified for their actual participation to Nasqueron, and this temporary privilege is independent of their own decisions to proclaim themselves or not a Nasqueron inhabitant.

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