Offer debugger methods to dump a variable

Authored by dereckson on Apr 18 2018, 11:16.


Offer debugger methods to dump a variable

Import dprint_r and dieprint_r to the library.

These functions allow to enclose a print_r call in a preformatted block,
so the output could be read directly in a rendered HTML document.

They are intended to be used as debug time.

As these global functions are still in use during some current debug
and development tasks, we offer a mechanism to register them from the
Debugger class. As create_function is deprecated since PHP 7.2.0,
the selected method is to require a wrapper file in the global space.

The result is a choice between those two syntaxes:


Ref T1395

Test Plan:

  • unit test provided for the registration
  • integration tests provided for the debug methods

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Reviewed By: dereckson

Maniphest Tasks: T1395

Differential Revision: https://devcentral.nasqueron.org/D1614