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Migrate keruald/globalfunctions content to Keruald OmniTools
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Keruald OmniTools will offer utilities to replace core.php and core2.php files or other helpers methods.

But, two years ago, a keruald/globalfunctions package was prepared in the same goal.
The package name is misleading: the functions are in the Keruald\ package.

Transition plan is:

  • migrate every functions from rKGF to rKOT
  • release rKOT 0.2.0, and use it as a rKGF dependency
  • deprecate rKGF use

Transition plan for web site is:

  • offer a convenient way to register dprint_r and dieprint_r in global space for development purpose
  • offer a script to find and replace legacy functions to switch to rKOT library

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