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New repositories should be created in Phabricator and mirrored to GitHub.

Procedure depends if you can or not create a repository in Nasqueron orgz on GitHub. To do so, you must be a member of the Nasqueron orgz on GitHub, something you can ask to @dereckson

From 2020-09-25, any new repository should use main instead of master as the reference branch.

You would like to clone a repository already initialized

From experience, we know to create a repository correctly is not an easy task,
especially with traps like how to do the first commit with Arcanist or not
populate the GitHub mirror.

As such, the easiest is to just ask us to create the repository,
and watch the different steps we used for your next one.

Request a repository

You want to do it yourself

You have don't have access to GitHub

  1. Create the repository here
  2. Create a task against DevCentral project to require to mirror it to GitHub, with a link to this document

You have access to GitHub


  1. Generate a deployment SSH key to allow GitHub interaction
    1. Name: Deployment key for GitHub nasqueron/foo
    2. Lock permanently: check
  2. Create the repository
    1. Name: the descriptive, typography-rich repository name, e.g. Phantom and Ghosts
    2. Callsign: a short uppercase symbol, like an abbreviation, e.g. PG
    3. Short name: the name of the repository folder when you clone it, e.g. phantom-ghosts
  3. Add a new remote URI
    1. URI:
    2. I/O type: Mirror
    3. Display type: Default (= hidden)
  4. Change default branch to main (manage > branches)
  5. Activate the repository (manage > basics)
  6. Tag it with a project (Notifications center will use it to know where announce related events)


  1. Create a new repository with hub create nasqueron/foo or visiting
    1. Privacy : Check Public option
    2. Add a README file : Don't check the box, as the repository should be created empty. First commits should be reviewed on DevCentral too.
  2. Go to
  3. Add the deploy key to
    1. Use something like DevCentral (K00) where K00 is the Passphrase object as title
    2. Allow write access
  4. Consider to add the repo to a relevant team:

What to do afterwards?

You may create and commit the following files:

.arcconfigThe callsign and the DevCentral URL
.arclintLinters configuration
LICENSEWhen in doubt, use BSD-2-Clause
README or README.mdRelevant pointers to get started with the repository code

Special tags

Those projects-as-a-tag allow to tag repositories for a specific purpose:

Python packageIndicate the repository is for a Python package
Not audited repositoryDon't trigger an audit for commits not associated to code review
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