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Project conventions
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Projects' descriptions follow these conventions.


Colors allow to identify and organize elements.

Type of projectLabel hueImage hueExample
Tagsorangenavel orangeeasy
Groups, teams, etc.violetmerlotNasqueron Docker deployment squad
SprintsindigokhakiOperations sprint 0
Projects with a part in productionbluetropical blueNasqueron Tools
Projects in development, not yet releasedbluewide open skyNasqueron Databases
Shipped and released softwaregreenlustrous verdantSource templates generator

Green or blue?

  • Blue are for Nasqueron projects
  • Green are for software released, used or reasonably usable outside Nasqueron.
  • Actually, some software will be pure internal DevOps scrips and will be linked so be grey, as they're infrastructure related.

Another way to see the split is "software as services", blue, released software, green.


  • Adjectives are in lowercase — e.g. easy
  • Other names are in uppercase — e.g. Servers
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