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Create an operations special interest group
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The Operations special interest group (SIG) will have the following responsibilities:


The SIG takes the following responsibilities:

  • build and maintain Nasqueron servers infrastructure
  • document our infrastructure and operations
  • review and prioritize servers tagged tasks on DevCentral
  • act as an IT contact point for Nasqueron members and third party

Delegation of authority

Nasqueron members delegates to the Operations special interest group the following responsibilities:

  • take final decisions related to the Nasqueron servers infrastructure
  • take final decisions related to user access and the associated rights
  • capability to grant a power of representation to an external service used by operations

Power of representation

If an external service asks a contact, without any requirements to be official, a SIG member acts as such contact, without any power of representation.

If an external service asks an official contact, one or several SIG members may receive a power of representation. This power of representation will allow to represent Nasqueron to this service on an official capacity.